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  1. This is from Puerto Rico. From dial up to that its just heaven Also look at my sig, that was when testmy used to work for me, but not anymore
  2. damn i have that question also im using tcp optimizer since i dont know what settings to use with cablenut. I have Rev A and im getting 800kbps to 1.2 mb down and like 500kbps up Van Buren is the master of cablenut maybe he has a setting or something
  3. dude u have serious probs, u think everything that is p2p is illegal. For example I just downloaded the lords of the ring online open beta using utorrent, from the official webpage. Is that illegal? or stealing?
  4. i think u should uninstall the old driver, go to control panel then Programs something because I dont remember how it is on vista and check for nvidia display drivers or something along those lines, I dont remember the name exactly. Delete them, then reboot ur pc and install the new ones and we hope u dont have any more troubles
  5. damnnnn those translators suck! ill give u a summary of what he said: Hes just having problems with p2p, slow speeds in general compared to non p2p downloads. The problem is that I think he doesnt know that powerlink/onelink limits p2p
  6. dude dont post in spanish here check ur pm
  7. maybe the card its f'd or something, but I had bad experiences with nvidia drivers in the past (I hate them!) have u tried another card? thats the easiest why of finding out. Oh and when u are installing new drivers u uninstall the older one right?
  8. Well I bought a pc like 2 months ago and its vista premium capable so i did whatever i had to do and they are sending me a copy of premium that should be in the mail in a few days i hope. So here's my question will I'll be able to install vista on that pc and another pc? without any probs? the other pc is fine with the sys requirements (amd 3500, 1 gig ram, ati x1300pro) so thats out of the question. Its just about installing vista on two pc
  9. lol dude wtf im from puerto rico and 25 bucks is for 256 up 128 down dont lie
  10. hi i search the forums for a while to get some info about evdo and couldnt find much especially tracert and ping test if someone has evdo from verizon or something if u can post speed test both upload and download and especially tracert and ping test it would be appreciated
  11. i have it.... it sucks my speeds got f'd after i bought it its there waiting for new firmware
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