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  1. Rev: Take a look at this Perl script (on my googledrive). 'Tis a bit of a hack (but not totally so ). [ MD5: 6102068d324fe590ebefc9c94c574b4e SHA1: 057407be6f153f8b04e9c1d231eb28e97eba41f0 ] Note that it is a unix text file (with <LF> line separators, not <CR><LF>)...not suitable for DOS. It runs fine under Cygwin, and should be okay for Linux. It may require downloading libwww-perl from CPAN or Cywgin. I can be reached at my-username-on-this-forum @gmail.com jmn
  2. Thanks, Rev. I'm on Win7 with Cygwin, so I can likely obtain a wget package. But I also have perl, so I can probably do something with LWP::Simple as well.
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