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  1. ================ ACCOUNT INFORMATION ================ Domain/Subdomain: http://xxxxxxxxxx Package: xxxxxxxxx IP: xxxxxxxxxxxx Control Panel: https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Username: xxxxxxxx Password: xxxxxxxx FTP: ftp.xxxxxxxhost.com MySQL: To create your MySQL database go in your Cpanel Account and click on the "MySQL Databases" Menu. You must create a database and a username with password. Then you must add the username to the database. Message from Admin: Please do not forget to update the DNS (nameservers) at your domain registrar to the followings: ns1.
  2. I have Windows XP home Edition I don't know about slot but it says "Agere Win Modem [COM 3]" My Modem Compression is Enabled.
  3. I have Juno Dial-up internet access . Juno provides 56 kbps but I can only get 28.8 kbps at the most the "Speed:" (under my Juno status window START>Connect to>Juno). Number in figure do not move, they've never gone above or below 28.8 kbps . So, Is my modem speed set to certain amount? which does not allow the internet to go faster then 28.8 kbps. My modem is Agere Win Modem (56 kbp/s compatible) Any suggestions.......Comments............
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