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  1. yes i tried booting it up without the tv tuner, it didnt work
  2. NOTHING turns on, including the fans, I am currently trying to borrow a power supply to test the computer.
  3. nope nothing turns on, is it possible that the power button broke or is that highly unlikely
  4. Yes, I made a mistake by hibernating it, I realized shortly after. Nothing happens when I hit the power button. Nothing is visible on the screen.
  5. I recently hibernated my computer in order to switch the pci slots that my tv tuner was in to try and make it work. Whenever I finished switching pci slots, my computer did not turn on. I put the tv tuner back in the slot it was to try and make it turn on but nothing happened. There is a light that turns on on my motherboard that I think signals that it gets power so I am not sure if it is a power supply issue. Any suggestions are appreciated. :icon_pale:
  6. https://testmy.net/stats/id-S9BAJRWZ7
  7. If someone could please give me an u-validation link to an upload test of anything equal to or above 750kbps with verizon that would be greatly appreciated.
  8. the program isnt supposed to convert anything, you have to convert it, use encode 360
  9. i personally have a zune 30 gb myself, if you have the 30 gb mp4s dont work on it. you can use a program i found called encode 360 to convert your videos into zune format, it hasnt given me any problems so far. there is a seperate setting for zune on that program. once its played by your zune player on the pc it will go on the zune with no problems.
  10. turns it out was my router, i fixed this problem a couple weeks ago but i never really got time to post thanks anyways
  11. that speed test did not work, no upload works in my web browser, are there any windows services that have anything to do with uploading in a web browser because i recently disabled ones that i thought i didnt need. by the way im not even at home on my computer it wouldnt let me post a reply. i have avg free antivirus if that has anything to do with this
  12. i am unable to run any upload test on internet explorer or firefox, any suggestions?
  13. well nvm ill just unplug the power cord to the hard drive so it will get errors and if they check it will be connected with those ide cables
  14. yes there was but the solution someone told me didnt work, id prefer to have it in windows because if its just physically u can just reconnect it if they take it to like the geek squad
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