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  1. I'm thinking of buying a place in the country because I don't work anymore and don't need to be in the city. What's holding me back, and I can't believe that this is possible, is that I'm addicted to my Rogers cable connection. I rented from a guy back in 2000 who bought a Hughes sat setup. The guy that hooked it all up wouldn't shut up about how fast it was, and he was right. What he didn't say was that when you hit 300MB you're at dial-up speed for the rest of the day. Then you could download another 300MB. I don't remember the price but I know it was crazy high. I called a number looking for info the other day and the person I talked to was like a used car salesman on speed. I'm wondering if their service, or ant sat service is worth getting involved with. My only alternative is Bell and they can't supply much when you get more than a few miles from one of their exchanges. Any ideas?
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