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  1. Here are two more interesting anomalies (see attached screenshots).. As measured by TMN my upload speed is almost double my download speed (SS1). And with a speedtest using a Cox test (Phoenix to New Orleans) Cox measurements are almost triple (DL) and double (UL) what TMN measures (SS2). In the Cox test the download speed is faster which is what I would expect. I have more anomallies but I'll hold with these 2 for now. SpeedTest1.pdf SpeedTest2.pdf
  2. I neglected to mention in my original post that I used both Firefox and Chrome and got similar results with both. I also tried this on 2 PCs (win/XP & Win7)using the aforementioned browsers and again the results were similar. My question was more about having a faster speed (both download and upload) when testing using multiple sites r(sometimes up to 3) rather than just a single site, which is not what I would have expected.
  3. I've used testing sites before (Not recently) but found this site becuase I washaving a speed problem. Nicely done. No need now for any others. Kudos to the developers. Now to my question. I was running the standard spped test and got some pretty poor results (< 9mb download speed on a 50MB service which I reported to my provider (Cox). After reporting the problem and getting a tech assigned to come out the next day I did some more playing on this site. I tried the Multi site test and much to my surprise my speed jumped up to 45mb. Turning the Multi feature of fnad my speed returned to <9mb. The results were not what I expected so I tried the test several times with the same basic results,the multi being significantly faster than the non-multi. Can some shed some light as to why this is happening? Thanks, Cheech
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