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  1. I've looked in msconfig/startup a dozen times and i dont even see a box for windows messenger. I have 4 boxed checked to start up with windows and none of them say windows messenger. And when i did the add/remove, it removed explorer and outlook express with it.
  2. I tried removing windows messenger through add/remove windows programs but it reomved explorer and outlook express with it. I had to system restore my computer. Im not to computer savey to mess with the registery, how can i stop it!It never used to do this before.
  3. Ever since i uninstalled service pack 2, my microsoft windows messenger automatically starts when i log onto the net with outlook express opened and on occasion even start up when just in outlook express. I have both tabs turned off under (tool/options)(tools/windows messenger/options/preference/) but it keeps starting up and logging in, i cant stop it, please help. I tried reinstalling service pack 2, it didn't help.
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