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  1. Since I would never get some new product without the mandatory shakedown and inevitable problems a new system generates being resolved, I can't help but be curious as to what your take on the 7000 is if you were a beta tester or just received service...

  2. I heard you can do a "power cycle" and erase the prreviously instituted FAP but it only works with a 4000.  I have a 4000 and tried that but it didn't work.  Is there More to it than a power (like wait 15 min. or something) cycle and does it really work? If it does work, what is the exact procedure...


  3. Weird problem.  We had a showroom DirecPC system since we began installing them years ago.  Has always worked perfectly and had faster throughput and no FAP than a DWay.  Anyway, at some point my credit card expired and althou I renewed it online, knowing DirecWay can you guess that they did not correct the probem and turned off my account on both the 2x and 1x system.  After getting the problem straightened out with billing, the 2x came back on with only a day of hassles, reboots, redials etc but the 1 x has never returned to life, and that was 5 months ago.  If it wasn't a showrooms and dedicated to our main computer, I would just cancel and do something else but I'd really like to get this thing going.

    When the credit card problem began, the signal light was on solid (we have signal) but couldn't surf (account deactivated). But after getting the billing problem behind me, they instructed to reinstall software which recognized signal but never allowed browsing.  I've talked to so many tech support people...the dealer tech support say to go through the consumer tech support for 1x because the towelheads in India supposedly are now the "experst" on 1x.  Whatever, I have uninstalled and reinstalled several versions of software and the newer versions never recognize the signal from the dish and the old versions always find the signal but never turn on the service. I have spent a total of about 9 hours with tech support and our head Dway tech has spent another 8 hours trying to get this  thing running. Any suggestions?


  4. ...I'm confused.  MtnFolk posted a question and then answers his own queston???

    In my experience the NOC center can make some changes happen quickly.  Don't know what they're fiddling with but speeds that start out fast after install then fall to very slow can be fixed by the NOC center pronto when they have a mind to and if you find a appropriate customer rep (usually not from India) to push the correct issue and resolution before the NOC center..


  5. Our showroom account is running around 200 Kbps and the access to a NNTP site is spanked back to about 25 Kbps.  Really crappy considering it was running in the 500's with no problem with newsgroups a few weeks ago after the repoint.  They said they were to "balance the load" with additional transponder space that was yet to be turned on (that was last Thursday) and said NNTP service might suffer even more since "most people want web browsing" and they could send the extra  bandwidth saved to those purposes...  I'm getting ready to call our dealer direct department about this "load balancing" timeline and to complain about NNTP access...


  6. Starband migration to T7 was supposed to be completed last weekend and the speeds of my system are still way down (on T7) to the point where it averages 160-230 Kbps.  If you try to use newsgroups, even with your own news server, they have throttled back all NNTP addresses so you effectively get about 10-25 Kbps on those type of connections.  They stated they have acquired more space on T7 (we're a dealer so this info came thru a dealer support person) and would activate that capability and "balance the load" but has yet  to present a change in speed.  a few weeks ago we were running consistently over 500 and the newsserver was sunning at a slightly slower speed.  Speed slows even further if you use the Starband news server. If they get the speeds back up I've never had a problem with tech support...at least it's in English as opposed to DirecWay...

    bumblebee :-|

  7. Firefox will be dead soon enough, due to the fact that it's barely holding on to it's 5% market share. Once IE7 hits, that open source garbage will come to an end.

    I always browse faster with IE as well as have higher test speeds. It's not just me though. It's all 90 - 93% of us. :haha:

    interesting...my experience is exactly the opposite...once you get the invasive IE completely purged from your system.  Plus anything but IE is more secure, in general more easy to configure and doesn't support a company that doesn't deserve our support.  Lots of droids will always preach the company line thou...

    IE 7 will no doubt plug some of the security vulnerabilities that have required sometimes weekly patches to be installed (some people like inflicting pain on themselves) but the "big brother" atmosphere of IE and Microsoft will no-doubt continue.

    bumblebee ;)

  8. :Dok...heres how the problem was resolved...

    It turns out the customer had Mac OS9 which is supposed to work with DWay.  One of the advanced techs we were working with said that even though it says it will work with 9 there might be problems and are resolved with 9.5 or 10.  She just upgraded to 10 and the mail problem has now been solved.  (Now her browser wont let her link off of any page she had directly called up however but that's another problem we just started working on...)


  9. have you gone in to the mail client and set up the connection to Dway mail server. if you don't do that it wont no where to look for the mail.

    Yep, it seems to be configured correctly with the pop3 and all and I sent over 2 computer techs, both familiar with DirecWay and one familiar with Mac and all SMTP settings etc seem to be correct.  This one is baffeling us...


    In microsoft outlook you have to go to the mail accounts and set up the server information.

    Incoming mail server is POP3

    Incoming mail(POP3) Server address is POP3.DirecWay.com

    Outgoing mail (SMTP) server address is SMTP.DirecWay.com

    these address are the default for everybody.

    You also have to put in the incoming mail server account name.(the account name should be what ever you set up with dway as a log in name & password.

    Hope this helps.

    If you are tryiong to do it right know it may not work.

    It seems the mail syatem is down right now.

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