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  1. Im running a new Acer laptop with 512 ram and a amd 3100 processor..for the last 2 weeks its taking about 5 minutes to boot and when it goes to sleep I have to reboot it..Also some programs are opening slowly. Any ideas? my connection is gr8..but the other operations r slow.
  2. When is such a service going to start in the texas area? I want it!
  3. firefox and netscape both have given me nothing but trouble over the years. this version of ie seems to have its Sh^t together. I like the new security features. As a Dad its nice to see them on here. microsoft has done good ...(finally)
  4. I got it..It seems to be ok..I dont see that much difference between it n beta 2 tho.. Anything is better than firefox n netscape..this new IE at least warns about phishing sites ALOT better.
  5. well gee ...if I could get Cable out here I would....DUH! but guess what I cant! Im real happy to have Wildblue instead of dead slow Dial up or dead slow Direc Way. But thank you for your Wisdom n thanks be to the Moon for bouncing my signals for me. Oh and Wild Blue is gracious enough to send me a new Modem and give me TEN days credit for my hassles. Get that from a cable company.
  6. nope didnt work. keep losing connectivity.....this just really stinks. I just cant figure this out,two weeks of this so far, I usually either gotta depower everything,(modem,computer) or at least the modem. Or wait for ten to 30 minutes for connectivety to return. Something has gotta give.
  7. Try the wildblue uncensored site for help on wildblue I just registered on this site, Im waiting for them to send me the email to activate my membership. thnx for the advice!
  8. Are u using a router (model # and manufacturer) . What are the settings of your cable modem set to? Open your cable modem web page and what is your upstream and downstream power settings? Im not using any router at all... I dont know of any modem web page? I guess Im just stupid but I dont know how to check the upstream or downstram settings for wildblue.... Its sattelitte modem not cable..
  9. Ok this is weird... I keep getting disconnected in the middle of chats or just webbrowsing but all the modem lights show that Im online. Wild blue help desk says that my modem is responding n that its online. but the fact remains Im offline. messnger wont connect, email wont connect, no browsing with any browser. chat or video chat wont connect etc..etc.. Ive run webroot...ad-aware..ani-viruse..xsoft..pc bug doctor.. n on to of that cleared n un installed n deleted over 45 gigs of stuff off of my C drive. So Im pretty sure there is nothing malignant on my com. I have went in n unchecked th
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