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  1. oke doke thanks php,brock01 and swimmer for replying
  2. heya guys, i have noticed that during torrent downloads, there is also a small .nfo file bearing the torrent name among the files that have been downloaded. opening the file opens a hardware interface sort of program. are these files safe? or should i delete them from among the directories? i hope i have been clear enough....
  3. thanks the replies guys.ill make a check and find out....
  4. okay guys im in india and i got a 256 kbps ADSl broadband connection on a single home PC. my problem is that my modem does not establish the LAN connection which is needed to coonect to the net.. this happens often. im suspicious that there's a prank here because my nosy brother conveniently gets online easily, but im the only one who cannot. so im wondering if ther's some blocking code or patch at work here? or is there some change in the connection settings that has this effect. help me out guys!
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