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  1. Thats good that you dont have problems with firefox. As for me, I do. I even tried unstalling and reinstalling and it still sucks. No matter how many times I keep putting back the NEW TAB and NEW WINDOW buttons ontop, Firefox always removes it next time i restart. This is really glitchy and I dont know what I could do to fix this. Can anyone help?
  2. Hey guys I dont know if this has been posted before but my firefox is acting up. Recently, whenever I open firefox, it opens in a window size that I dont like so I always have to resize it, and before I could just resize it, close fire fox and re open it and have it the same window size as how i left it. now it just keeps on resetting to a particular size. Also, when I customize my buttons by putting a NEW TAB or NEW WINDOW button up there near my reload and stop bottons, firefox does not save it there, like it used to before. All this happened after my computer froze and I had to restart, when I did I found that firefox had deleated all my bookmarks and reset all my settings. Can anyone please help me fix this? Thank you. Also, I know this is off topic but does anyone know a site where I can buy pretty cheap and decent PC2700 DDR RAM about a gig or so, cuz my other stick of 512 is bad and my computer keeps crashing because of it, and I need the ram. Thanks guys.
  3. well hey do you know any good torrent sites for albums?
  4. Well usually for me, it all depends on who youre downloading off of. When I download an album I download the whole thing at maybe around 60 - 80 ish KB/sec which is slow I understand but its not like you have to keep monitoring whats downloading, you can set it to downlaod each track then leave it alone and it will be done in time. I have found no way to speed up downloads from people, if you find out please let me know. but as of right now, thats what I do, and I dont mind. what you can do, if they are REALLY slow is just set a bunch of albums to download and leave it over night, in the morning it should all be done.
  5. soul seak is dope dude, I get most of my music from there, I like it and use it and havent noticed anything wrong with my computer. I think youre safe to go...
  6. I discovered this place when I got fed up with my internet connection, and discovered this whole new world of Broadband tweaking. Right now, I am on an Adelphia basic package, I think its 4000/384? Yeah, the computer I use is currently beind a router, Linksys WRT54G and I would reach a maximum download speed of about 270 ish KB/sec? Yeah I was pissed because I knew that I wasnt getting as fast as I should be. I decided to try out Cablenut and got slightly better results. The best speed I've reached after using Cablenut was around 490 KB/sec but after retesting, Id get scores of about 270 and 350 and I think it keeps fluctuating. When I would download a file it would start at like 1500 KB/sec and constatnly go down until it remained at 350 - 420 KB. Yeah is this normal for a cable connection? Is there any cablenut settings or anything else I can do to make my speed faster and stay consistant? Help please, thanks guys.
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