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  1. Id say go with Sony or Fujitsu.  I loved my fujitsu, but Best Buy lost it in shipping and I got it replaced with a Sony Vaio.  The vaio has been a great computer and I love it.

    Also yeah the tablet pc's are kinda flimsy.  Reminds me of my phone (Nokia 6260).  Its a flip phone that can turn its screen around.  Its nice but I have this fear that Im ganna turn it to fast or something and the screen will snap off.

  2. Linksys WRT54g

    In the Utorrent options i have this as the port........41586

    In the Linksys Control Panel, I forwarded ports 35000 to 47586 just to make sure.

    Did I do this all wrong?  I entered my ip address (120) and checked the enable box

  3. Yeah, I gave up and just reset the modem.  (it resets the username/pass).  K Im in..........I have brothers and sisters that all use their laptops to connect to the router, would I have to do anything to their computers? (they probably wont let me touch them lol)

  4. Guys, I cant figure out my Linksys router's username and password...

    Ive tried Blank, blank,........Admin, admin.............Blank,admin

    I cant figure it out, maybe I changed it awhile back.....

  5. Guys, I have been using Utorrent for about 2 weeks now.  I didnt do any of the port forwarding because im lazy and I got a bit confused lol.  But it seems to download fine since the other day I was downloading something and it was going at a speed of about 90 kB/s... I saw that speed and figured it was working all properly.  Right now Im downloading something only at about 10 kB/s...

  6. Hmm well I do have Norton Internet Secuirty 2005 and its been fine for the 3 months Ive been using it.  I downloaded Outpost just because i thought Norton wasnt doing good (in regards to that port test).  It didnt make a difference.  I think im going to uninstall Outpost since its very annoying setting rules for every program and then it takes up my memory.  Or should I just leave it for the extra layer of security?

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