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  1. I don't supose it would make a difference that it is a used dish and modem and was allready set up *once* by an installer. here I was hoping I could just call Dway myself and tell them to turn it on
  2. I bought a directway 6000 system of of craigslist and went to the local installer whom told me they were about 6 weeks out for instalation. I decided i couldn't wait that long so i installed the thing myself. When chosing which satelite to conect to I tried the one that the previous owner had conected to (87 west) but could not get a signal higher then 15 so I decided to start going down the list of satelites under advanced setup starting with g3c_1307_17k (95 west) which to my suprise was relatively easy to pick up compared to 87 west and i got a signal of 60 in about 5 minutes. So I decided to move on now to the ACP test, after trying both manual and automatic (not quite sure the difference) for over an hour I keep getting the "Result: can't Start" message Does anyone have any ideas? am I leaving something out? Thanks
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