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  1. Eh the upload test hasn't worked for me once yet, so I guess we can assume yours is better
  2. I just got the Dway 6000 home setup because I've been stuck with a 56k for far too long... Anyways my main reason for getting this was for downloading files. I'm a gamer but I knew before getting into this that satallite is not able to do online gaming at all really, so if I can't get these downloading programs to work right with this new connection... well I'll be really mad The programs I mainly want to get running are Azureus and WinMX. My house is setup using a USR 8054 Wireless router, and all systems using windows XP but I can't seem to get the ports working correctly. The router interface leads me to believe I'm opening the correct ports but Azureus (through a test) keeps telling me there is a NAT error despite any efforts I make. Then there is WinMX that just pretty much never connects to anybody and I seem lucky if i get over 5k a second. So is this something I can even fix? Is this DWay's way of preventing large downloads? Heck I don't even know what a NAT is haha.. Any help would be appreciated. Some useful/useless knowledge: My connection through dway is about 1000Kbps, or down to 700 at times.. Since I've got this setup last thursday I've been able to download 3 anime episodes off Azureus, which isn't all that bad but speeds go from sitting at 0 for a LONG time (way too long) to once over 100k a sec. I know about the FAP and I don't think that it is causing this variance, and leading more to the fact I can't get my router/connection setup adaquately for the applications I'm using.
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