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  1. i have Verizon for my cell phones and is there a way that i can get my sons texts sent to me to see what my son is talking about? and if so how far back could i go like 1 month back or 6 months back. any info would be great.
  2. Im trying to un-install itunes on my computer but when i go to add or remove programs it doesnt show up. please help.
  3. i cant access my internet options. this is my computer and i haven't made any changes so i don't know why. is there any program out there that will delete my google search history. cause i know that if you are in Internet options you can delete everything. but now that i cant access this i need to find a way to do it. thanks for the help.
  4. hey i have a used laptop and there is the guest account and the person who had the computer befor me. i cant log onto the administrator account is there any way i can re install a OS and wipe the harddrive. Im not sure if this is right but is there somthing that you can type into the command prompt to wipe out the coputer. to beable to srat fresh
  5. i bought a package what came with a CD player for 400 dollars. its expensive but they are SWEET!!!! i was playing BF2 with them and it was amazing!!! one of the best things i have spent my money on in a while.
  6. just bought the BOSE noise canceling headphones they are AMAZING!!!! you can hear everything!! the base is incredible i would highly recommend them to anybody who wants the most out of there music, games or anything.
  7. does anybody use vegas 4.0? when i capture i get massive amounts of droped frames. when i stop capture. a pop up says that i had droped frames and to see help on the internet about erformance optimizations
  8. has anyone had any viruses,spyware,adware or anything with using LIME WIRE
  9. When i open IE its still IE6 and i get a error message that says: windows cannot find "null" make sure you typed the name correctly.......... i don't know that this means or how to fix it can anybody help.
  10. WOW..... IE7 didnt work so when i went to add or remove programs to get rid of it, it said:. cannot remove IE7 log onto same user account from which it was installed and try again. I only have one account!!!! this is the one i downloaded it on!!! what am i supposed to do? help!
  11. what happens if the employer doesn't get them out?
  12. ch34p5hot


    Does anybody know if Verizon will be coming to Colorado ( Fort Collins ) and if so possibly when. I have been trying to find out but i cant seem to find any information. If anybody knows i would appreciate it.
  13. i dont turn mine off its been on for over a year. other than restarting it when needed. is it bad to leave it on for long periods of time?
  14. nope it doesnt. ok thanks.
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