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  1. cif

    problems with virgin

    just tried that and im getting an error. doesnt say whats wrong just says checksum. and ive been on virgin media's website and theres no update.
  2. cif

    problems with virgin

    i just found 1 for my router but its a .bin file what do i do with that? also no luck what so ever finding an update for my modem, any help? thanks
  3. cif

    problems with virgin

    no ill have a look for them, im pretty sure its not the router thought as it still happens when just the modem is plugged straight to my computer. but ill still try updates. any clue on were to find them?
  4. cif

    problems with virgin

    btw, i just tried uk server and got 5.2 then i tried the 1 in holland and got 7.5 im pretty pleased. thanks also any suggestions about why it keeps turning itself off. when it does the lights: power/enet/sync/rdy are still on/flashing if that helps. put u/s and d/s dont do anything and i need to reset the modem to make it work. thanks
  5. cif

    problems with virgin

    nah the silver 1 saying ntl:home heres a pic so you know excactly which 1. thanks
  6. cif

    problems with virgin

    i have had this problem for quite a while, for some reason my internet just cuts off and i need to reset the modem and my router before it will work again. my router is a belkin wireless g plus router, and im using an ethernet cable not wireless. it usually cuts off when im downloading a few things like torrents. but also cuts off at random other times. also im supposed to be on 10mb but am only gettin 3.6 with this test. anyone have any idea how to fix this?
  7. well as far as i know, im using the graphics card and its working
  8. i have the computer here and its saying nvidia geforce 6600 gt vbios version copyright © 1996 - 2004 nvidia corp. 256.0MB RAM Bad BIOS checksum. Starting BIOS recovery... and its been like that for 10 mins so its obviosly not doing anything any help?
  9. its working installing windows now, thjanks alot guys, the problem was i had the wrong end of the ide cable in the hd when it should have been in the cd drive and the one in the cd drive in the hd if that makes any sense
  10. it was set to master, and its brand new there no os on it, thats why im trying to boot from the cd to install windows and make a partition
  11. well i dont think so seen as ive tried it on 2 pc's but ill check anyway
  12. lol that was a concern myself, i dunno if he can actually clear the cmos, shall i try doing it for him? and then if that does not work how/were will i dowload the correct bios flash or whatever for the mobo?
  13. k im sure he told me that was all that was on the screen
  14. i put the hd in another computer and i get the same thing, how can it be the hd when its brand new, i think its somehting to do with the computer, can youo get different types of hd's? well other than sata and ide of course, the two pc i want it on is excactly the same as the one i tested it on, only the one i tested it on has a gfx card and the one is using on board, and they have different cpu's but the rest is excactly the same, i think it might be the mobo, like not somehting wrong with the mobo just it cant use that type of hd or somehting? im probibly wrong but what do you think?
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