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  1. I have a Mytouch 3g and if you mess with rooting the phone and it gets bricked your SOL with T-Mobile as far as warranty.I downloaded an app called Speed Test and I get 495kbps down and 189kbps up on their 3g network.If I use wi-fi I get 2947kbps down and 565kbps up.
  2. I don't think Microsoft will ever put out the best security software.I would want a company that specializes in security.
  3. I'm using Avast and it has e-mail scanning and MSE does not.I want this feature and will not change for this reason.
  4. Have you tried to reboot in safe mode and then go to Users in Control Panel to check?
  5. Try this program it has almost all the system info on hardware and software you'll ever need.It's called Belarc Advisor.
  6. Im running Vista Home Premium SP1 on a Dell laptop and I also went from IE7 to IE8 yesterday.I also have the same version of CCleaner that you have and that box has never come up on mine.I went to Tools/Internet Options and Under "Browsing History" and with the box checked and unchecked I ran CCleaner and did not get the message box.First I would uninstall CCleaner and try a reinstall. Revo Uninstaller is a good program.
  7. Uninstall all previous versions and the one you just installed,reboot.Then go back to java.com and get the new version again.
  8. There's a program called Revo Uninstaller that removes all registry entrys when you do an uninstall,it is way better than the Windows add and remove programs in control panel.You can get it at CNET,save it on some kind of media then take over to your laptop and install it then remove the Linksys program.
  9. You will need the software that comes bundled with the cable.If you only have the cable then you can try to get the software off Limewire by putting in "Motorola Phone Tools" in the search box.The software company that makes it is at bvrp.com if you'd like to see what the software can do.But yes,the software has a ringtone editor and you can create a ringtone from any sound file.
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