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  1. Thanks Phrankl for the reply. Been away for 5 hours(it's nice to get away from this stuff!!), came back, and speed on 1st test is 834kbps(14X dial-up).I don't get excited though, "it ain'ta gonna last"!!. Actually disappointed, because I know there is a problem. Next Tuesday I will have a good discussion with the installer. I would rather go back to dial-up , knowing what to expect, than to deal with this aggravation, which cost us dearly.
  2. I got 7000 2 weeks ago. Have dealt with support several times. My speed will vary around 850 kbps(12-14 X 56K) , and be consistent for a few short hours. Then it drops to dial-up(or less), and just stays there. Have tried all the usual stuff, shutting down, unplugging stuff, changing settings. It will improve, and then drop off again.I put a new ethernet card in yesterday.Did a test prior to installing the card. Speed was 67kbps. After install, it was 514 kbps. Within an hour it was 887kbps.I thought I may have fixed it!! Went to bed, woke up, and was back down to 117kbps(2 x dial-up)! Couple hours later we were back at 973kbps(17 x dial-up). Not its back down again. I think the support tem is on holiday shutdown.. Am frustrated, and am only going to last another week at this stuff, and then it's "return the equipment" time. I guess that ought to be interesting.
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