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  1. Bah, I don't think I'm using Kaspersky anymore, I just found out it's lagging up my favorite game-- Counter-Strike 1.6. Trying my best to do what I can to fix the problem now. Or I'll just change to Panda or Avast .
  2. I'D HAVE TO AGREE --- NONE OF THEM WHY?? McAfee: I got McAfee w/ comcast and it REALLY sucks... whenever I took a test I'd always have like a 70% score with firewall and virus scan off... I don't know why though, I guess it's just my computer. Norton: I just hate it... doesn't really help with the protection and slows down my computer really bad. I'm using Kaspersky, and it's AWESOME!!!! My tests aren't 70% of my Comcast's anymore, it's 30.1% faster than Comcast's!! I just have to say, be careful with what you choose.
  3. O yeah, I already removed the virus a llooonnggg while back, I just wanna know how to repair my files. And cholla, I tried what you said and it still looks the same.
  4. Hi, I cant seem to ping a site because whenever I open my MS-DOS Prompt and type tracert www.google.com or ping www.google.com, it'll come up with very strange letters like a triangle, some smiley faces, a heart, a clover, a spade, a music notes, and some other letters. I don't even know what this means. I access my command prompt by going to start>run>command. Also, whenever I type cmd in start>run it pops up and disappears... I'm very confused right now.
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