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  1. Hello Testmy.net ! This is Ziotron from northeast Connecticut. I "was" a former speedtest.net user until I found out that HTML5 based speed tests are far more accurate. So here I am! A Little About me: I'm a table games dealer in CT. I have 2 children ( boy:3 / girl 9mos ) and a lovely wife which I've been married for almost 6 years. My entire family is heavy into gaming. We stream, we play, we watch gaming. The internet is my family's source for any form of gaming. Which brings me here. What took me here: I found myself with a slow upload speed. I've used speedtest.net and Its basicly shown me what ISPs want me to see, not what is actually being sent / received. Then I recently read about how HTML5 browser based ( NON JAVA / FLASH ) speed tests display the most accurate descriptions. Now out with the old and in with testmy.net. testmy.net has accurately displayed the upload and download speeds that I'm actually getting. I need 3500kb/s of upload speed to aquire a good quality upload stream to my gaming site. When in reality my upload is only pushing 800kb/s and an sometimes spike to 2400kb/s over 3 seconds. So with my new membership, I'll continue to monitor my ISP ( Metrocast ) as well as determine what is the issue for the low speeds. I thank you in advance in future threads for any assistance. ~Ziotron~
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