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  1. Is there any way to troubleshoot the adapter for x box live ? I used to have no trouble connecting and now its hit and miss and when i try to connect it disconnects my internet . Any ideas why ?
  2. Anybody know anything about this ActiveSpeed that claims to increase speed by 375 % ??
  3. Did i miss something ? Is there some kind of atta boy for the top speed ?
  4. Im sure this has probably been discussed before but...Is Napster a good place for downloading music or is there a more economical place? All input is appreciated
  5. Thanks for the input but i wont rely on any info from dlink they have been no help on any support issues i have had .Worse customer service i have had with any product
  6. Anybody elses check my usage records way behind ?
  7. I have a question hopefully i can word it right . I have a Dlink di 624 router and i have 2 other computers networked to it..what im wondering is can i access the router page on the host computer and change a setting so the other 2 computers cant be used to acess the net..but make it so mine (the host) can still access? confused ?? LOL Thanks
  8. No matter what i choose it automatically runs the 12k test...How can i use the smaller ones ?
  9. well mine has improved quite a bit since upgrading so it must be a case by case thing
  10. Tommie for having a 6000 consumer plan thats a heck of a nice speed
  11. your seems kinda high Number of Successful Transmissions 114500 Number of Failed Transmissions 524
  12. ok thanks..i did it lets see if it holds the correct time for awhile
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