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  1. Ive got a 2405FPW and its completely awesome. My biggest problem with CRT's were the fact that they must refresh and that means they will flicker. I've seen some people that are completely comfortable with a 60Hz refresh but anything below 100Hz and I get an instant headache. This is a problem because most monitors wont run anything above a 1280x1024 resolution without a refresh rate of less than 100Hz. With this LCD I can play games at the native res of 1920x1200 completely headache free. Of course Dell has recently released the 3007FPW 30 inch LCD but IMO a monitor that big is stupid. I mean, with this 24 you have to scan back and forth a lot as it is just to take it all in. With a 30 you'd need a neckbrace from all that looking around. The alternative would be to sit 4 or 5 feet back from it but thats just as retarded. The 24 inch is big as well as functional. Besides, this 24 incher was nearly a grand which I felt was too steep in the first place. Theres no way I'd pay over 2 grand for a 30 inch.
  2. It's asking for the CD because of the copy protection. Without this protection anyone could just rip the game to an image file and use it. To get around this you need a "no-cd crack". No-cd cracks are typically used when you have a copy of a game in ISO or other image form and don't have the acutal CD as is usually the case with piracy. For games you can find no-cd cracks at www.megagames.com under the "game fixes" category, or at www.gamecopyworld.com. Since you have the original game disc then I wouldn't worry that you're doing anything illegal because you aren't. If you are, then that's your business and I don't really care anyway.
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