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  1. Do you mean "Clean install"?

    You can do that by booting to the WindowsXP installer CD. From here, you can reformat the drive, and fresh install XP.

    And no, you cannot reformat the harddisk from Guest account. Even if you can logon to the adminstration account, you cannot reformat the harddisk either.

  2. I agree, 64bit Windows XP is not worth it. Not only you'll need 64bit driver for your devices, you'll also need 64bit capable CPU (eg. AMD64, or Intel 64MT ??).

    Then I'll also need to run Warcraft 3 on that; and also my video/photo editing software which I think wouldn't run properly.

    This is where I think the next generation gaming console will come in. All in flavor of 64bit CPU sitting nicely on your bed. Not worrying if installing game on PC would ruin my editing software. Ah 360... where are you?

  3. Well I always thought my hardrive had started dying because it would transfer super slow, but now I have realized that it is actually in pio mode instead of dma 5 like the other drive. I've got it set to dma if available but it always goes to pio. What could the problem be?

    If it's keep on reverting to PIO, it may be already damage... or you have installed a damage Harddisk.

    Is it a SATA? try intalling a chipset driver !!!

  4. TCP options string = 0204057801010402

    MTU = 1440

    MTU is not fully optimized for broadband. Consider increasing your MTU to 1500 for better throughput. If you are using a router, it could be limiting your MTU regardless of Registry settings.

    MSS = 1400

    MSS is not optimized for broadband. Consider increasing your MTU value.

    Pare... I'm using also PLDT DSL... you need to change the Modems MTU to maximize it... haha...

    Tawagan mo ko kung paano pabilisin ang pldt dsl mo... hehe...

  5. People Pure WAV files,, I know they are huge but no sound quality lost at all,,, When you need all of your audio,, even the noise our ears can't hear, this is the way to go...

    WAV is too big. That's what lossless is for (no lost at all) though it takes lot of resources to use. eg WMA, mp3 lossless... etc.

  6. I have read numerous articles on DVD media and I have never seen anywhere that a +R lasts longer then a -R media!

    The difference between the two are that DVD plus is mainly backed by Philips, HP and Dell. DVD minus is mainly backed by Pioneer, Toshiba and Apple.

    I google the difference between +R and -R, i came to conclution that +R can attain faster speed and more reliable.

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