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  1. I say BS. The US still has the best medical care and medical system in the world.
  2. Yea, except for the fact that what they are saying is based upon actual experience and absolutely true, this is crap.
  3. Hey, its okay to flash back now and then...lol
  4. I bought a HP W2007 about two months ago and I love it... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824176078&Tpk=hp%2bw2007
  5. Haven't heard back in a couple of days. Did the RWIN tweak work for you??
  6. I don't think we saw it as "fun" while defending Europe but we understood it must be done and it cost us many good men. God Bless the USA.
  7. Okay, it sounds like your IP address did change after cloning your MAC. Are you using the same account user name for the game? It will not be DNS (that just resolves host names IE microsoft.com to an IP address) or a subnet mask.
  8. I think I got your answer assuming your ISP uses DHCP to assign your public IP address which it sounds like it does based on your post. First run ipconfig/all and copy down the MAC (physical address) address of your NIC card. Then take that info and enable MAC cloning inside your router. Use the MAC address of your NIC card inside the settings of MAC cloning. Then release renew your external interface (WAN) of your router. This should cause your ISP to give you another public IP address.
  9. You may wanna try tweaking the RWIN for the wireless card...
  10. Sounds like a video driver to me too...
  11. It might help to "tweak" the wireless card in your computer. It could be a RWIN and MTU setting for that adapter...
  12. The IP address is leased to the MAC address that requests it. In this case I am sure he is using either the same router or NIC card. In either case the requesting MAC would be the same and the same IP address would be handed out until the lease expires.
  13. No it wll not work. A cable internet connection can not be "bonded" like some more traditional copper delivered services such as T1s.
  14. Thats probably best. If you had read the original post that started this thread it is the complaint filed by the copywrite holder. Unfortunately the person who posted it did not post it in its entirety.
  15. Nope they sure don't. They just follow up on complaints from the copyright holders as required by law.
  16. 10 mbs really means you'll transfer at 1.21 mb/s [ 10mb x 1024 kB/s = 10240 kB/s 10240 / 8.2 ( latency) = 1248 kB/s 1248 kB/s / 1024 kB/s = 1.2 mb/s ] 20 mbs really means you'll transfer at 2.3 mb/s [ 20mb x 1024 = 20480 kB/s 20480 / 8.2 ( latency) = 2497 kB/s 2497 / 1024 kB/s = 2.43 mb/s ]
  17. Of course, Cox will still be the best company to do business with.
  18. Of course, Cox will still be the best company to do business with.
  19. huge security risk...wouldnt recommend it but that is just my opinion.
  20. That what I was thinking too....
  21. If I understand your previous posts you are saying everything works good when connecting a single pc to the cable modem but everything craps out when connecting the network through the router. If that is the case you either have a bad router or a infected pc connected to the router causing the network to bog down.
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