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  1. Hmm I will check but I bet Dell wasnt that nice, I had that setup on the last comp that I built and saved the cabs from the Windows cd.
  2. I guess it found files that it needed to repair, but that windows manual said it would repair them from the cache dll folder. But it is asking me for XP cd, and I don't have it because this is a DELL. I guess I will just have to reinstall XP off of the partition. Thank God I got that external HD for Xmas. Peace fellas thanks for trying to help.
  3. man you guys are smart. im scanning my files now john wayne.
  4. So there are 20+ pages on mup.sys and they all pretty much say to reinstall windows.....im really not down with that idea. FUck windows i want a Mac.
  5. 20 infections, clean now.
  6. nothing but turned off comp and tried to startup in safe mode, then safe mode with networking and they both get stuck in the same place.
  7. OK big problem, I can't startup in safemode, it just stops and won't load any further....I get stuck at partition2windowssystem32driversmup.sys Ideas??
  8. about 25 on startup and most of those I want. I am pretty sure, like my mcafee stuff, my wireless etc. I tried to post a pic of the taskmang but you saw how that worked out.
  9. 75 proccesses running. 38 are system processes and the others are mine. Is that too many?
  10. Edit: damn, too small
  11. How do I uninstall the video drivers? sry, it says over there, noob.
  12. Where will it save it to?
  13. What button do I push to take a screen shot?
  14. All sites, Im using the newest IE. I don't have norton but i have the full McAfee, virus scan, firewall, spam control. It is just an overall lagging of my computer.
  15. bburton86

    Computer help

    I have a DELL Inspiron 9300 1.67ghz pentium m, 1g ram, 56mb ati x300 card. I am just getting horrible performance out of it. Choppy video, slow load times, choppy typing, choppy scrolling on websites. I have several spyware programs and run them frequently, I have a McAfee firewall set to tight. I don't understand what I am doing wrong. I also scan for viruses and such. I mean I keep the computer fairly clean. Any help would be great.
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