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  1. Hi, No, I haven't tried Hamachi on FreeBSD under my Linux emulation, but it still doesn't resolve the issue that I find is bigger that is the IP allocated isn't public and that you need special software. Using OpenVPN, I can pull a subnet of the IP's currently on the datacenter server to the site. I'm in the process of finding out how to do it with a totally different subnet. Thanks for the compliment on the setup. Once I built the other network with all its redundancy (We had 3 different transit providers and an International Peering Exchange via Gig-Ethernet into 2 differ
  2. Hi Jim, Thanks for the reply! I guess I need to clarify a little. This is being used in a rentable beach house in Corolla, NC (4WD area, oceanfront, 8 bed, 8.5 bath...PM me if interested. ) so I didn't go "all out" on it. I've got the lowest level of service, so any time I talk to them about anything I get the "Your on a consumer plan, if you upgrade to Pro then you MIGHT be able to do it". I realize about the compression. Its been a marked difference when I use the built in proxy. I did implement LZO compression in an OpenVPN tunnel I have between a box there an
  3. Hi Ghostmaster, The problem with that solution is that all the computers you want to use to get to the one in the DWAY network need to be running the software. If I wanted to get it via my FreeBSD machine, then I'd be SOL. (As a side note, I'm surprised they jacked the network....) Personally I'm solving this using a single board computer (Soekris) running FreeBSD and then I OpenVPN it back to my server. Right now I have it set on private IP's, that the Soekris gets full access via my server, but the world can't see the Soekris. The next step is that I plan to put
  4. Hi Tom, Only abbreviation I really see is NAT (Network Address Translation) unless you didn't see that DWAY is DirecWay. FreeBSD is an operating system, and Tuc is my name. Tuc
  5. Hi, I was looking to find others who are looking to do things that DWAY considers "out of the ordinary" (Like not have NAT running, allow incomming connections, use REAL operating systems like FreeBSD) to try to solve things together, or share what I've done. Thanks, Tuc
  6. Hi, Does anyone know the SNMP community name on these? Thanks, Tuc
  7. I'm in Corolla, NC (About as far North and East you can get) and I have NO choice except dialup (Which even at 28.8K is a push) or Satellite. If it was up to me, and in my personal opinion, I'd PERSONALLY shove the dish up EVERY PERSONS arse that I have had to come in contact with in the company. I also, personally, have to reboot the unit 3-4 times a week due to problems they can't figure out. Tuc
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