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  1. Robocop,

    I invite you to visit our technology forum in PR, www.tecnetico.com, this topic is widely discussed here.


    I invite you to visit our technology forum in PR, www.tecnetico.com, this topic is widely discussed here.

    rammolo, are you the owner of that site? ...Why force people to register just to view the forum? If you or the owners make it so anybody can read then some people who don't like to be bothered with force registration can observe, if the topic is interesting then we register and post. Otherwise it looks like its just trying to boost registration numbers which is not cool in my book. Since i'm lazy i'll just keep posting here as I think its a higher traffic site and will get more exposure.

  2. Also I think they are probably "not seeing it" since they just ping the modem and do a reading of signal levels , etc .... What they are not seeing is that they are not only limiting the ammount of connections we can have simultaneously , but also we go through a packet screening process on their end thats causing all sorts of latency AND that they had some genius over there decide to completely kill UDP which affects a lot more stuff than P2P, like video and audio streaming.

  3. Well let me suggest to yall to call again. I called again today and had a much nicer talk.

    The Repairs are done, but according to technical support my modem might have problems and theres a technician coming on wednesday. If you guys still have problems you should consider calling to see if its a technical issue on your side instead.

    I called for the second time today (24 mins waiting) , and yeah I spoke to another guy who was honestly quite amicable and even understanding, he told me basically what the other guy said but without the sarcasm and stupidity ...He told me the repairs were done and that they weren't seeing any problems on their side , at least that that was what the computer was telling him (which may or may no be true giving him the benefit of the doubt), he checked with his supervisor about the P2P thing and he said that it was limited and that this decision came from corporate and that all he knew was that this would not change "until further notice" ...I asked him that if everything was supposedly fixed and working 100% then why limit P2P? ....he said management decided to do this becuase people were abusing the bandwidth downloading illegal stuff. I think thats BS, not the techie , but management ...the only reason they have to do this is to save bandwidth and maintenance costs , that BS about illegal downloading is rubbish.

    Anyways I called to confirm what I would have to pay for the current month since they are disconnecting me tomorrow before the end of the cycle, so tomorrow I pay my last bill with Onelink, good riddance.

  4. I'm calling tomorrow to cancel, but I still dont know if I should get the DMAX 2048/512 or the Centennial ii  :?

    PD, would I get a faster "instalation" from DMAX if I still have my 2Wire modem?

    My dad used to have DMAX but cancalled it becuase they were getting rid of the line, but then decided not to and a couple of months later called to get DMAX back, they hooked him back up immediately and even sent him a brand spanking new modem because it was included for free.


    LOL, looks like you talked to the same guy as me, he pracitcally called me a liar and even had the nerve of saying that customer service reponds to calls very quickly and that I was a liar saying I would sometimes wait for as much as 40 mins without answer, he said that nobody has ever waiting that long in a call to onelink, I told him that if thats so then somebody must be ignoring my calls when they come in and he said some shit about them not being PRT and that they can't do that.

    . I also told him that apparently many many people were having my exact same problem and what had he to say about that and practically told me I was full of shit and that all problems are isolated cases and different. The only thing he admitted to me was the P2P limitation.

    What a jerk, he was inpolite and rude to me from the get go, the guy should get fired. I already ended my subscription and I couldn't be happier ...I might go with the $512 from DMAX

  6. Listen people, if you are really dissatisfied with the service of Onelink and feel that you are being robbed then the best message you can send is to simply take the plunge and cancel your subscription ...if all you do is piss and moan they won't do a damn thing. After cancelling I received word that the P2P limitations is a new policy to save bandwidth and dissuade people from filesharing and this won't change unless they get a wakeup call ....the number of people that cancel their accounts must be extremely close to the amount of money they will save by limiting bandwidth. If a good number of customers don't cancel they have no reason to change , no reason at all. THE ONLY WAY IS TO CANCEL! ...now if you can live with paying 55 clams for this service then you are free to do so of course but let's stop the whinning! ...remember by giving you a crap service they are multiplying their profit !!!! they wont change this for a few who cancel and a few who call to rant.

  7. Well I called today, the rep gave me some crap about my problems being imaginary becuase everything was peachy on his side , and that there were no reason why my service sucked for a the past couple of months, he only admitted having problems a few days. He said they were limiting P2P to 10 connections total, he said if I was downloading p2p that would effectively crap http also , looks like its 10 connections TOTAL no matter if its p2p or not. He was very rude and spoke to me in a condescending tone, he was hesistant to answer anything , and gave me sighs and a sarcastic tone, in a good day I would politely ask for his name then speak with his supervisor but I just decided enough is enough ...he offered having a techie come by and check that my hardware was working properly but I said you screw that ...AND I FINALLY DID IT!!! He was fairly polite when it came to having my service cancelled which was weird but welcomed. So effective tomorrow I am no longer a slave to Onelink and let me tell you, it's beautiful, I feel like a weight has been lifted. Now I'm on the hunt for alternatives ...any suggestions?  ...I might get by for now with a cheap alternative to browsing and whatnot ..but definitely will not pay onelink 55 clams for that. Anything?


    Thats like ..... onelink block live broadcast because they want you to use their cable tv.

    I will install it here to see if true .... O GOD PLZ BE BLOCKED SO I CAN HAVE A REASON TO KILL IN LIFE! lol

    WTF?? I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! , MAN! ...If this is true then this is getting ridiculous , those onelink guys have to be really fuckin stupid. And what the hell is all this testing they're doing? They are doing them in live production servers that serves thousands of customers, it not a FUCKING test box, They wanna test? ok do it, but don't do it on my dollar. I really hope the people in charge at Onelink suffer something like .... like a kidney stone the size of Mt Everest.

  9. :::.. Download Stats ..:::

    Connection is:: 3330 Kbps about 3.3 Mbps (tested with 2992 kB)

    Download Speed is:: 406 kB/s

    Tested From:: https://testmy.net  (main)

    Test Time:: Wed Mar 1 11:03:33 EST 2006

    Bottom Line:: 59X faster than 56K 1MB download in 2.52 sec

    Diagnosis: Awesome! 20% + : 57.37 % faster than the average for host (onelinkpr.net)

    Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-SPX4IHCR3

    Did you clear your cache before doing the tests?

  10. I'm getting 100+kB/s downstream on p2p, so i think it was temporary, I hope I'm not wrong. If not there could be another solution, take a look at this http://www.centennialpr.com/ii/, It's a new wireless broadband service from centennial in the metro area i think. 2.4 Mbps, 300-700 downstream, let me know what you think...

    I'm out of my apartment for the weekend but I'll certainly check my onelink connection as soon as I get back, if it still sucks then that centennial alternative looks pretty tempting. Thanks for the heads up!

    EDIT: Didn't see the 1 year required contract! that's a major let down.

  11. since when is prtsh*ts dsl unrestricted? do you think i wanted to pay more and therefore went to adelphia? i wanted a more stable connection and open ports so i can use things like pcanywhere and so on.

    and i just checked my modem to see why the ul went down.

    upstream used to be 4800000, is now 4000000. downstream went from 480000 to 384000. so with the 375 kbit/s i'm maxing it exactly. thank god for small favors. (as i'm only paying for 256 up, as we all are, i'm not gonna call tech support to complain... :evil6: although it does annoy me a bit.)

    i'm not even saying that the p2p will affect much, a block on certain ports is too easy to evade. but i am a troll and therefor i saw the need to comment.

    as for distributing the bandwidth among the clients, i think they are doing exactly that. the problem is that at the moment the pipe in miami is clogged.

    got drano?

    It's funny that while calling tech support today they had audio advertising the change and said "this will not affect your connection in any way" 

    Got DACO?

  12. Well if they fix and get their sh*t together people will stay with it, they just got to improve the quality of routing etc as per what parabot said. As I said earlier... they are trying a band-aid fix removing p2p and stuff like that instread of improving the distribution of bandwidth across the clients.

    Only that blocking P2P creats a whole new set of problems, many people , like a previous poster depend on p2p for distribution and simply will have no use for a 3Mbit p2peerless connection. Let's face it, without p2p most people wouldn't need / want such a service. Even if they manage to fix and give me my full 3Mbit, without p2p I would still cancel even if there are no alternatives I would do it out of principle and protest.

    ADD : Just got a DNS error after submitting, so my bad if there's a double post.

    ALSO : Why would I pay $55 a month for browsing the internet , cheking email , etc ? I can do that with a 56K , and maybe with the 56K I'll have at least some better latency.

  13. my ul dropped from 440 to 375 now. my dl is around 2 - 2.5 right now.

    blocking p2p is good. itunes shouldn't be affected, since that isn't p2p. and gaming should not be affected by the p2p blocking at all, the oppositre should be the case. i have however noticed that connections are inconsistent, which could be the problem with the gaming. if they are currently trying to get the routing in miami, then that could explain the gaming problem.

    san juan star today had a shoirt article on onelink. they want to offer hdtv for some channels and voip by prolly late in the year, they want to make sure that their net is ready for it. the  way it looks now they have work to do...

    And how is blocking p2p a good thing? P2P has its legitimate uses, they are blocking technologies not "innapropriate use" which is bullc**p. If they don't change this policy I will effectively cancel my account and take my business someplace else, hell i'll take some 128 KB DMAX or Wireless service over this sh*t anyday. I'm being called a lagger and a disconnector at my chess sites and they can't even believe I have a "3Mbit" broadband connection. ...Maybe they have some slow ass mechanism analyzing packets for p2p activity which might also be adding to the extremely poor speed performance.

  14. I was worried I was the only one. I've been having all sorts of problems going on a few weeks now. I'm having high latency, loss packets (gets me booted off chess servers) , dns problems , SLOW speeds and now I pretty much think they are analyzing my recieved packets and filtering my Bittorrent downloads, since a few days I pretty much can't download anything with Bittorrent. I called customer support and left a message to a supervisor to call me back , if this isn't fixed THIS week then adelphia/onelinkpr/san juan cable can kiss my ass.

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