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  1. Hello. "However this is not a true test. Hence why testmy.net is outside of any ISP network." Try telling that to a Charter Field Tech Supervisor. He'll say, as one did today, "I can't use that test because it's outside our network." Or tell them that Flash tests are not reliable and anything powered by Ookla favors the ISP and takes the peak readings while testing and seems to average them to get their assessment of my speeds. Fortunately, Charter had opted for a newer test template that shows, at the end, a graph that gives a better view of what's really going on with lost packets and noise with all the valleys with those peaks. If not for that, I'd still be fighting with them over the bad service I've been getting since their digital roll out. Now, the regular techs that come out enjoy my varied speed test compilation. And two have written your site down for testing other folks' problems. My other problem is that Charter delivers over what they advertise for me on downloads and that's where I start losing packets regularly, at 65Mbs. Today they had a regular tech, field line tech and field tech supervisor all looking at the issue. Super called me back later in the evening to tell me they found a problem in the main line down the highway and fixed it. I told him I'd give it a couple days and email him with my results. Thanks for all your work on this site. I have some questions that I'll address elsewhere soon.
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