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  1. Change the display name

    Hey @ShakTib No offense taken
  2. Change the display name

    Hey @CA3LE No worries and Thank You I didn't realize it was that much work involved and anyway I was more concerned that the issue had fallen between the cracks. I'm using TestMy pretty frequently to get a log of my speeds to have as a basis for discussions with my ISP I really appreciate you taking the time and and explaining this too. Thanks
  3. Change the display name

    @CA3LE I don't want to be a pest, but I still haven't heard back. to ShakTib , my choice of display name was an unfortunate one and I'd like to change it to a more appropriate one. Nothing indecisive here
  4. Change the display name

    HI I have sent you a PM more than a week ago. I haven't heard back. I requested a new display name in the PM. Can you have a look please Thanks
  5. Change the display name

    I'd like to change the display name on my account. How do I do that?
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