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  1. So it's totally normal. You'll never pull more than the speed of the fastest single connection in a single file transfer. The file will have to be split and sent in pieces... then you can take advantage of both connections. Multithread test aside, you should be able to open two browser windows on the download test and start a larger test manually (one that will give you at least 10-15 seconds) on both windows. Try to do it quickly. If your bonding is balancing the load well the tests shouldn't affect each other. And you'll get two similar results... which you can then combine to get a
  2. ****Update**** Starting Friday night (01/30) Cox has agreed to allow me to test with two service connections coming into the house. Because I have a TP Link router that has the capability of bonding the two connections at the router I am now seeing tests in the teens during the time frame before while running multi-threaded tests. Something I did note is that the Linear test would not load balance the connections in my current configuration. I did have to switch to multi-thread to get the packets to spread across both WAN interfaces. In the linear tests I was hitting in the 7 - 8 rang
  3. So the long and short is this. I have an issue with Cox and speed. The issue is my downstream speed slows to a near crawl starting around 5:30PM local time and stays in the cellar until after midnight. I have had more technicians out to the house than I care to admit and on more occasions than not, they have tried to place the blame squarely on my side of the demarcation. That said, here are some particulars. I am a CCENT with other assorted tech certs. I understand what my responsibilities are versus the providers and I understand demarcs. I test out my entire network including swapping modem
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