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  1. I knew that somewhere, someone would respond and am glad you did as I thought maybe I was the only person on xplornet that was involved in speed tests or was at least concerned as to what I am paying for. Good to see that you are involved as well. I am from Red Deer, Alberta
  2. If you are a xplornet user and are a wireless customer as I am lets chat and see if you are content with your speeds and service. I am just curious if you other xplornet customers are getting what you pay for or do you really know where you stand! My speed tests are here. https://testmy.net/tools/database/personal_stats_30d.php?user_name=fergy623&m=04&d=05&Y=2006 and I am paying for the business package that is 5.0 Mbps down and 1.5 Mbps up and I find that xplornet support has some of the knowledge and the installers have minimal knowledge. What do you think and please show your sp
  3. here is my letter to xplornet and motorola support I currently have the 900 subscriber module mounted on a metal roof of the shop and want to know if there is any distance up or installation issues in mounting on a reflective surface? I am about to cover the roof where the module is aiming with plywood to see if this would make a difference in the speed issues I am having, as the computer / computers are clean and free of spy ware or viruses as well as any other programs that are using up bandwidth. Last week the installers came out and tested the system and found no problem with the signal
  4. Can anybody tell me what the distance should be in mounting a subscriber module from the tin roof?
  5. thanks as I have checked for adware and netstat answered my question the problem is I bought a dlink router and when I went to read up on the hardware on the web the web page offered a network program that would serve as a saviour to all network problems, called Network Magic. Its right there on the dlink support page. So I downloaded it and installed but the program itself runs constantly using bandwidth to send and receive files within my own network. I beleive this is a bug! and I sent them a email about it, just waiting for a reply. Have you ever tried or heard of network magic? or
  6. Thankyou Swimmer as all is working very well, as I followed your directions and this seems to be funtioning well. The only concern is why my little network icon down below by the clock on both computers are lit up continuously and whren I right click on them to check status, it seems to be sending and receiving data continously without and internet programs running. I was wondering if you might suggest a simple network tool that would allow me to see which program is using any bandwidth when the computer is idle.
  7. you have drawn an exact picture of how it is setup at the moment and your previous picture is how it was earlier, I want to set this up so I can utilize the routers protection as well as the ease to control my systems from anywhere else on the net.
  8. I was never sure as to where to put the static ips or if the subnet mask should be changed as well, in the routers that is. So the routers are accessable from the computers.
  9. Ok humour me with lazers. LOL. I could try that but won't till this network is up and running smoothly or at least I will be a little more educated in home or office networking. I tried to change the ip of the business computer and lost all comunications with the router. Probably because all need to be on the same subnet mask.
  10. Thankyou all for your input as this is far better support than service providers can give. My hardware as it stands is dynex switch, DI-624 dlink router, and DI-704up dlink router. Linking together at the first building where the internet is a wireless or Motorola Canopy 900mhz subscriber module, this is connected to the Switch that is connected to the DI-624. also from the switch is Cat5 cable to the 2nd building where I have the DI-704up connecting the home computers, printers. The DI-624 has 2 Business Computers and an IP camera. The diagram of swimmers is very close for the first buildi
  11. I am not sure as what to do with static IPS from the isp, I am also using a dlink 624 router as this is what I was told I had to use. I am a little confused as I am not a network guru yet. I have 2 personal computers, 1 more for my business, and 1 IP camera which all was fine till I was told to use a router from my isp support. Now with the 5 static ip addresses I was issued this is becoming a little to much to grasp. Is there anyone that could have some input on this or links to help? I don't really have the time during dlinks support hours of operation as I am in Canada
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