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  1. Winrar is what I use.... it has the ability to do Zips also
  2. thats the bad thing with Video files....so big I have a stack of Digital tapes that I need to put on my computer, edit, burn to DVD and then re-archive... They are like 12GB/hour and I have about 20 tapes... I should be able to edit them from an hour down to about 10 minutes (2GB) Then I should be able to archive the edited version on DVD and keep the original in its tape format... thats the plan anyway bama
  3. Like I said before... I can only dream of those type of times.... Looks good to me
  4. Ahhh...no problem...As long as you dont hijack the Subject line then we are ok..LOL
  5. Swimmer... I meant to comment on your signature....Care to give a brief history?? bama
  6. Yes...Here is my move rule that has never failed me... Apply this rule after the message arrives through the bamafamily account and on this machine only move it to the junk mail folder works for me....
  7. Hey all, Just wondering who might be from Alabama?? bama
  8. I was just wondering because of the Open Source value of it. FF has all these cool extensions that you can add and I didnt know if Thundervird had any useful extensions also. [just] Are you using outlook or express?? What version of Outlook?? I am using Outlook 2003 (11.5608.5703) I had one problem with my rules when I moved my PST folder, but after I reapplied all the rules they were fine.... bama
  9. I have been running some variant of Outlook for many moons. A friend of mine said I should take a look at Thunderbird...(makers of Firefox) Just wondering the community's thoughts... bama
  10. Thx Van Buren, I calculated my RWIN from the link you gave and came up with 58400..Close enough to your max of 64240... For now, I will probably just use 64240 until I change my OS settings...thx bama
  11. Hey Van Buren, I had tried your Version 4 settings for my Cable connection based on 3500/384. I believe it gave a pretty big window..(of course that was assuming people were running SP2) On your recomendation, I am using TCP Optmizer until I decide if I wanted to install SP2. (Optimizer uses a setting of 256960) I saw you released Version 5, so I went in and looked at it. I see you put in an SP1 version and I noticed the "3000" setting in MSS1460/SP1 dropped the Window size considerably... Just wondering the method to your madness...lol thx bama
  12. Van, I think he meant, how much does it cost per month in terms of paying your ISP? bama
  13. List of NDT test centers http://e2epi.internet2.edu/ndt/ndt-server-list.html bama
  14. I ran some tests using my onboard Nforce2 controller and an Intel Pro Management adapter.. No differences noted while surfing...and I dont do enough LAN stuff to make measurements... bama
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