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  1. repeat that test during the evening and during the night.
  2. that is an interesting approach to explain what is happening with onelinkpr. thank you for clarifying the aforementioned info. and no, i am not criticizing, i am actually thanking you for explaining what packeteer does and its usage with onelinkpr.
  3. you know as well as i that onelinkpr is using packeteer. you wouldn't have said it (indirectly) if you didn't know it was true. plus you're a computer network expert and you can see the signs of packeteer usage affecting p2p/bittorrent.
  4. drebel mentions it that post. drebel has inside info. since he knows a couple of onelinkpr employees who provide him with said info.
  5. ok, first thing's first: 1. the people who bought Onelink is the same people who bought Adelphia. they are called San Juan Cable (a group of investors o inversionistas). it's not exactly buying the company, more like finding a franchise (franquicia) that can run their operations in Puerto Rico. 2. they still have problems with their servers but it's not from Sprint. remember, the problem comes from Onelinkpr server's in PR. 3. they use this equipment to discourage people from using p2p and bittorrent. Ellos usan este equipo para disuadir o meterle presion a la gente para que no usen esos programas. Eso es todo. Remember it's cheaper for them to do this than to upgrade their equipments and lines.
  6. ok, this is how Onelinkpr is messing with its clients who use BitTorrent. they
  7. that means it's time to call them even more now people. the majority of you are paying $55 a month and obviously it's not just for simple web browsing and checking your e-mail... so let's start calling them up and force them to provide customer satisfaction. hell, even drebel encourages you (and he usually is pro-Onelink)...
  8. yes, a tech support supervisor told me skype was one of the programs being blocked in order to test customer reactions for when they launch (onelink) their own VoiP (voice over ip) service similar to Skype but one they'll charge you for.
  9. judging from what's been happening over the weekend I'd have to agree with a few fellows in the board: time to call up onelinkpr and start bitching: 1) call them up and request them to uncap the bandwidth. that means everything, from p2p to skype (Voice over IP) and online gaming 2) request for them to provide real data about current latency (The time between initiating a request for data and the beginning of the actual data transfer.) which means they have tell you when they expect the packet loss problem to be solved. 3) ask them whether they'll be "experimenting" during the nights so as to prevent frustration during that time because the internet's messed up 4) tell them you want credit for the nights your connection has been unstable due to latency and timeout problems
  10. Apparently they've now started to fix the problems. The timeouts and packetloss are related to them rerouting their connections to the new backbone. Do a traceroute on your own ip and see it for yourserlves: http://www.dnsstuff.com/ Look in that site at the right side of the page. You'll see the traceroute feature and put in your own ip there and trace it and you'll see. Let's hope the ISP fixes the problems by this weekend or early next week. *note: the backbone being shown is Qwest, and not Adelphia (any word on Qwest backbone quality?)
  11. someone here reported that torrents are lately very capped. looks like you know more than you're saying and obviously they (your onelinkpr friends) told you that they're limiting the concurrent connections (or rather the number of connections established per torrent) to limit the bandwidth, slow your torrent down to dial-up levels and monopolize the service exclusively for visiting pages and reading email lol
  12. the graph results indicate the severe lag starts during the evening. why? because there are more people using the Intenret in their homes after they get in from work or whatnot. In addition to the problems caused by the Onelinkpr bandwidth capping, this causes lag noticeable by users with a sharp eye - noticing the drop in speed at those hours. obviously Onelinkpr is the culprit, and not the Adelphia routers as some people keep suggesting. do a tracert; you'll notice that Onelinkpr servers are having extreme packet loss, and causing speed problems for Onelinkpr' s clients. this in addition to Onelinkpr's bandwidth capping is severely affecting Onelinkpr's overall Internet service.
  13. it's feb. 13 and still no fix in the onelink servers. i guess the tech trolled us when they said it would be fixed by feb. 12. goddamn, nos estan metiendolo mongo. :-/
  14. Just- I used the online Visual Route site: http://visualroute.visualware.com/
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