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  1. uh..this data isnt private its for sale Your phone records are for sale http://www.suntimes.com/output/news/cst-nws-privacy05.html
  2. I have FIOS and use the router they supply..I also use a wireless router that I already had...FIOS supports the router of their choice and want you to use the one they offer..I dont think they will support your router if you call for help..but yeah theres nothign wrong with you using your own equipment ..I just dont think their help desk techs will be trained on your router.
  3. well thats alot different than the first one..in anycase your FIOS seems to be doing better than mine at the moment..Im getting mid 13's pretty consistantly ..still have some tweaking to do for sure
  4. ive been able to reproduce those results when I hit the button to retake the test before the 1st test results were tabulated
  5. looks like a cached test to me
  6. cool..it wont be long now..if you get it you'll love it
  7. My installation went fine...Im runnign through a dodgy wireless router so Im only pulling down 13 something as best as I can tell....still my online gaming has improved...I get super ping rates so far..pulling up CSS lists of servers and its page after page of sub 10 pings..1 page worth of 6 ping servers...I can play on UK servers at around 100 and change..I have been frustrated since i dont have any really huge files left to DL ..oh well I'll think of something
  8. LC

    RDRam question

    yeah RDRAM does have to be installed in pairs:( One of my machines (dell 8100) uses RDRAM and I have just given up on adding more ram than I have now (384) went ahead and bought a new machine...gave the old one to the wife:) so the answer would be no you cannot just add one stick of rdram...if you cant afford two sticks of 512 then get 2 sticks of 256
  9. I would wait for them to roll out FIOS in your area...they are installing it at my house as I type.
  10. yeah I know ..everyone says its odd and the phone support people from comcast say that its not supposed to happen..they were showing anywhere from 50-80% packet loss on their side of the modem when they pinged it...on numerous occasions..but hey its been since the 24th Feb since i seperated the two devices and havent had any trouble since...the cable modem is an OLD RCA from @Home days so maybe it wasnt shielded correctly ..who knows..I just have to make due until the 31st of March when Verizon installs FIOS and then it wont be my issue anylonger.
  11. Well it appears that by having my cable modem on top of my wireless router was causing trouble...I seperated the two devices by several feet and power cycled everything and now Im back up to speed and my network is running fine...my wife will be dissapointed that we now have a cable modem on our bedroom floor but as long as she will agree not to kick it during her nightly trips to the bathroom I think I'll be leaving it right where it is!
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