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  1. https://testmy.net/quickstats/CJchronic. How do you get that banner with your speeds to post?
  2. Yes sorry. It is a cable modem and im using a wireless router. I will connect direct and test. I did go to my service provider yesterday to complain about the inconsistent speeds. They told me they are having trouble with some new equipment they installed in my area. Said they are working on it, and for my troubles gave me a 10mbps/2mbps up from 5mbps/512kbps for a lower price!! I guess miracles do happen sometimes.
  3. I do not know. How would I check that? Sorry im pretty new at this.
  4. Name is CJ. I moved to Costa Rica from The USA 10 years ago. The internet here in Costa Rica has come a long way in the past few years. My local provider offers a 15mbps, but its super expensive. I currently have the 5mbps cable option, but tests are showing I average around 3.5mbps. I see that its hitting the 5mbps at peak, but I see that i have between 50%-70% variance. Is that normal? Should I be bitching? Oh Im running through a router, would that be causing the problems? It's showing full bars for router. Thanks and hope to chat and learn from everyone.
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