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  1. Yup, i fully understand that the odds of me actually ever downloading to my full bandwidth on a normal website is slim to none, at least until there is a true reason for servers to actually do it! Like i was saying though, i just was hoping to find a speed test to actually show the bandwidth Thanks for all your input, i will use this site from time to time to check speeds, and ill keep a lookout for your system to directly test speeds from the large websites. Thanks!
  2. - Your bandwidth is not as good as you think it is. You may be able to pull faster speeds but how long does it take to get there? It just like how most cars will do 120 mph but it's really all about acceleration. - Not really I load up an old torrent file that i have for a 40gb file, and within 30secs my upload speed is a bit over 1,000mbs. Same thing for downloads while on a privet tracker, only takes a few moments to shoot up. - Sending files from my home PC, located in Austin, TX, to Santa Clara cali, over VPN, hits around 300mbs upload speed. - The upload test right now only uses a max of 33MB of data and it's a single thread. - Yup, i saw this, I figured this was the reason the upload sucks, by the time the upload can even start, it is finished, doesn't seem like a large enough chunk of data to get a good reading on faster connections. - Without selecting Google and Cloudflare that's 7000 Mbps of available bandwidth, much more when combined with the CDN options - Just tried to disable those, and no luck. Mixed around with servers and not much change I do understand how not every connection my computer makes to the world will be 1000mbs speeds. But i CAN see that when i am pushing data to dozens of users at once, i can each those numbers, so the bandwidth is indeed being provided by my ISP. I would just like to see a 1 on 1 connection and have it actually use the full bandwidth, that is at least the feeling i get with speedtest.net, which i know, uses servers that are MADE to give you the best connection so it makes their service look good. edit: Funny enough, doing the speedtest.net tests to the AT&T servers, my download is under 100mbs, but to some data enters up in kansas, or washington state, it shows 700 right now. I would think AT&T would inflate my numbers, but i guess not.
  3. After letting the website do its test every hour, plus a dozen other runs, it shows a max of 360/59... Far from what I get with every speed test result, torrent uploads and downloads, and tor relay hosting. I guess this site just doesn't talk to any servers that will allow such a speed...
  4. Well, I have sad news, or at least up front it is sad. According to testmy.net My upload is only at 22mbs or so. Have run the test a few times now, and stays around the same. According to speedtest.net... (the first server i selected... which i KNOW isnt a good one) http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3736832980 And according to torrents, I can easily upload a bit over 1,000Mb/s was hitting 1,100 again and again. After a quick search of this site, i was unable to find the method to test many servers at once, in attempt to bog down my connection, where is that test located at?
  5. Hello! I am currently away from my home, while on business. So i can't really test this, but dying to know... I have had a 300/300mbs connection. And using speedtest.net it was hard to find servers that would go past the 100mbs upload speed, and only around 25% of the servers even hit the 300mbs download. And about a week ago my ISP flipped the switch to turn on the 1000/1000/mbs connection! I was wondering if anyone has had any luck hitting huge speeds on this?? I can't wait to get home in a week try it out!
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