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  1. Update to my previous Post on Sept. 12 - Wife received a check today for the one month charge they took plus the last monthly charge so they made good on their promise. Shouldn't have had to go to these lengths with all the Posting but I'm grateful for these Forums and Social Media as it seems like the only way to get their attention some times.
  2. I also had problems with Frontier recently. Just dropped them as my Provider. Had 2 bonded dsl lines for 6MB. One night we decided to watch an On-Demand Movie form DirecTV only to get an error message on the screen saying Internet Speeds weren't fast enough. Minimum 2MB download speeds required. Ha! I'm thinking, gee, I have 6, WTF? Ran over to my computer and started running speeds tests and turns out I didn't. Was getting 1.8MB and less. Called Frontier Support. They told me everything checked out fine equipment and line was fine. They said I was in a "high congested area" and there was nothing they could do. I told them that was unacceptable to what I was paying for. They said take it up with Customer Service. I did. I dropped their Service. Then they kept billing us. Wife canceled her card and called Customer Service and the Rep she spoke to said that was a mistake and they would be issuing a check. Couple weeks go by, no check. Wife called back and spoke to the same Customer Service Woman I had when I canceled. She was rude to my wife and said we were under which is why we are still getting billed. Wife liked Frontier on Facebook and started blogging about the rude Customer Service and how they took her money and had to cancel her card. Wife got an email less than an hour later from a Customer Service Manager asking for the details on what happened. We sent her the email and my wife provided her with the Customer Service experience while I provided the technical details on the slow unacceptable network speeds. Next day she got a call from another Frontier Rep stating they were going to send a refund check and he would be handling the case personally until she received the refund. Still haven't received a check yet. Wife is going to call and email the guy again for a status. Thanks for the Tip! I'll make sure my wife includes something about filing with the FCC if we don't receive our check withing the next 7 days.
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