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  1. Its ridiculous that the internet here costs $32/month for 768KB/s down... I miss where I used to live.. 6MB for $30 =
  2. Im going to cry =[[[[[[. And this is my highest... Ive gotten lower..
  3. I really dont understand any of that = Im new to Mysql, and all three of those programs.. and PHP XD So when its saying set salt, I have no clue what that is...
  4. Man, cmon your name is PHP XD
  5. Hi everyone, I had a quick question.. I would think someone here would know... I want to connect the login for my website.. I have 3 things that I want connected. 1. Forum (vbul) 2. MediaWIKI 3. e_107 Is there a way to make so when somone registers for one of those, it registers them for all three and when they log into one of those, it logs them in all of those and same with logging out?
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