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  1. Upload Speed Issue - Comcast

    Queue the month long headache...
  2. Upload Speed Issue - Comcast

    Now I'm having the same problem again after two months...
  3. Upload Speed Issue - Comcast

    They finally seemed to have resolved the upstream issue. There was line noise coming from nearby locations that they resolved.
  4. Upload Speed Issue - Comcast

    Well it's not doing too much so far because these network people are lazy or incompetent or both.
  5. Upload Speed Issue - Comcast

    Apparently the FCC actually does something if you report things to them.
  6. Upload Speed Issue - Comcast

    I know is the tap itself is in a closet on the side of the condo next to mine and the pre-wired RG59 coax runs directly from there to my house. The heavy cable (don't know what it's called) that feeds the tap is coming from underground (or maybe an amp first?) I think. There are no telephone poles in my neighborhood. Last night they ran a temp RG6 line directly from the tap to my modem to see if there was any difference. There wasn't. So it must be an issue before the tap.
  7. Upload Speed Issue - Comcast

    Yeah I'll have to take my computer over there and check it out some more. Seems like this may have something to do with temperature fluctuations and the copper lines. The issue goes away when it's warm out and occurs again when it cools down. The past couple days I've had the problem 24 hours a day and it's barely gotten above 70 degrees. We'll see if it gets better at all in the next couple days when it's supposed to be warmer.
  8. Upload Speed Issue - Comcast

    My brother has Comcast and lives on the other side of town. He did the pathping to the same comcast server and got 0 lost packets...
  9. Upload Speed Issue - Comcast

    Another upload to YouTube... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40moQhc0tk0&feature=youtu.be
  10. Upload Speed Issue - Comcast

    To the gateway...
  11. Upload Speed Issue - Comcast

    Strange. I was figuring they might be just dropping ICMP packets because they're not high priority but you didn't have any lost. Here's the test to the Comcast speedtest in San Jose. I'll run another to the gateway.
  12. Upload Speed Issue - Comcast

    So here's the pathping to the Comcast speed test IP. Not sure how significant this is. ComcastSpeedTestIP.txt
  13. Upload Speed Issue - Comcast

    Haha good idea.
  14. Upload Speed Issue - Comcast

    Now Comcast network techs asking how to read the wireshark capture and how it indicates packet loss.
  15. Upload Speed Issue - Comcast

    So now the upload speed returned to normal for the time being. It looks like the number of duplicate ACKs are at least double when I'm having the issue compared to when I am not. Also the upload speed hits 24 on the speed test. Here's the vid... That's crap. I feel for you. I've wasted a lot of my time on this when they should be taking care of it. ComcastSpeedTestUpstreamWireShark.mov
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