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    wmertens reacted to CA3LE in Generate upload data in-browser   
    Update: the upcoming new release has this... I love it!  Renders instantly regardless of the test size or connection speed.   -- it's actually a combination of the current server-side rendering and client-side rendering.  Came together extremely fast once I got on the task actually.  I mean... it's totally instant.  Also saves everyone time and bandwidth, sweet!
    ... the upload test will also include progress.  Works amazingly too.
    Such an optimal idea, thank you!  PM me if you want beta information.
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    wmertens got a reaction from CA3LE in Generate upload data in-browser   
    To do the upload test, it seems to first download data. This can be very slow.
    Would it not be possible to generate the test data in the browser, with some checksum that has to be different from the last 10000 checksums and is checked on the server?
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