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  1. Thanks to all of you who replyed to my first posting. I will try to be more direct with my question. I live very close to the phone companys switching room, so I get a good connection. I have friends that live a few miles from me, they can't get DSL. I have a DSL modem here at my house hooked to a router, and a AP. I have a high gain antenna, and two miles away I have a Bridge, and a AP. It works just fine. My compition here doesn't like me doing this, and I think they will go to one of my coustomers, and ping my ISP, and tell on me. What I am looking for, is a way to make my system not to tell them who, or where I get my service. I hope this is clear. I am very new to all of this, so please forgive me if I sound stupid. Thanks again Michael
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