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  1. No need to be apologetic. I DO understand the frustration. I've now got half a dozen folks I deal with who suffer the same way. One fellow has a setup similar to yours except it's all Windows. We did away with DHCP and set everything static.. Put AnalogX Proxy on his "server" for http requests and pointed his other machines to it instead of the 6000's proxy. Reaimed his dish - SS went from 72 to 88. Now everthing internally works. But at times DW craps out. I don't know if it's a sat problem, or the NOC, or what. And I refuse to talk with New Dehli anymore. I was told here on this board that working towards "reliability" with DW was essentially a waste of time. So far I believe it.
  2. Ok. Bear in mind I'm a novice with Direcway's "smoke and mirrors" approach to acting as an ISP. I do not have DW - I've only dealt with it for other parties. Your network machines, then, are on the 192.168.1.x subnet and your DNS server should be no problem as long as it's designated in each machines TCP/IP settings. Also, the 6000's DHCP server should be ignored since it's on , a different subnet. Have I got this part of your setup correct? We know that "normally" DW caches http within the 6000. But, of course, it doesn't cache https - which is why https is "slower". Are you using the 6000's proxy or any software proxy? If so, do you have each machine's browser set to proxy ONLY the http and NOT the https? Do you have your router set to use the 6000 as its gateway? What about each of your network machines - does your DHCP server provide their gateway info, or have you set a gateway in each machine?
  3. Have you tried connecting the DW6000 to one of the LAN ports of the router rather than the WAN port? With it hooked to the WAN port you are doubling the NAT levels and that MAY be giving you a problem. Worth a quick try. Assign the router an out of the way address such as so as not to interfere with the 6000's DHCP handouts.
  4. Yeah, I'm beginning to realize that "reliability" may be too high of a goal. And that's a downright shame. No, I haven't posted over at the Sat forum of dslreports. You guys here are very knowledgeable, and I'm appreciative of that fact.
  5. Thanks dell. I've already entered that exact info (with modification for the router address). My friend purchased a Linksys 802.11b wireless router (I can't remember the model). In order to avoid "double-NATing", I plugged the DW6000 into one of the LAN ports instead of the WAN port. Also, I changed the router address to so it would be on the same subnet as the DW6000 and not conflict with the modem's DHCP. The router's DHCP is turned off. I'm trying to get this thing setup for maximum "reliability". The way it is now it appears that at times the browser just "times out" too quickly - rendering a default "could not find..." page. That's why I think there may be some kind of DNS snafu. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks for the infos deerkill10 and rlh24. I have "tweaked" the registry according the the TCP Optimizer settings thread, although I had to use Dr. TCP on one of the machines as Optimizer refused to recognize the network card (yeah, weird). Standard http rendering appears to be adequate as, of course, it uses the DW6000's proxy. However, https drags - and my friend must use several https sites in her line of work. And AOL... well, that's another "story" altogether. Sometimes it works just fine, at other times it doesn't work at all. I have no idea, yet, what the problem is with AOL. I'm going to try a test local installation of the DeleGate proxy. I'm a novice with DeleGate also, but I do know that it DOES cache https so it theoretically should allow for quicker access to those secure sites. I'll report back here my results - success or failure - in case any are interested. May take a few days. Does anyone have any info on the DW DNS servers? Does a list exist here? Again, thanks!
  7. Hi all, new member visionlogic here. I'm seeking some insight, advice, thoughts on a new Direcway account with a DW6000. Background - last week a friend/client living in the boonies of south Alabama decided she'd sign up with Direcway for a "consumer" account in hopes of improving over her dialup. She didn't ask my opinion first, only after the fact was I called. I arrived to find that the installer had left her with a single, foldover "brochure" containing her account info and nothing else, no "manual" of any kind. She called me to see if I could hook both her XP machine and her mentally challenged son's XP/AOL machine to a wireless router and get them both up and running through the DW6000. After a bit of Googling (finding this site in the process) and a patience-trying call to Direcway tech support in New Dehli I've managed to get them up and running. However, I'd like to try to improve their "experience", if ya know what I mean. So any insight would be much appreciated. Questions: 1. Since the DW6000 appears to be (among other things) a caching proxy for http but NOT for https, would a locally installed caching proxy for https be of benefit in improving the perceived "speed" of https connections? I'm thinking of using the DeleGate open-source proxy. 2. Does the DW6000 also cache DNS requests? It seems that some connect failurres are due to failure of DNS. I would think that perhaps an installation of Treewalk or AnalogX DNS proxies would help. Does Direcway block DNS requests to any DNS servers other than its own? Is there a list here of Direcway's DNS servers? 3. The signal strength shown is 63. So called "tech support" said that is OK. From reading here that appears to be BS. Do you agree? 4. Any specific tips on using AOL v.8 over Direcway (I hate AOL and its software)? Again, thanks in advance for your help!
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