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  1. they said the upgrade would affect all time warner companys including brighthouse on the news.... but the brighthouse website does not advise of any changes yet......but im sure some areas will not offer due to the type of signal they provide.....
  2. brock o1 private message where you live at it first says 10mb, now your saying 7mb? what one do ya mean why dont you call the time warner office in your area and they would be glad to give you all the details right now i have standard service and get 6mb dl and 1/2 mb ul if you look at my post when i called they advised the regular service would increase to 7mb dl and 512kbps = 1mb ul ..........i just spoke with a tech who was working on my neighbors service and he advised there were alot of changes coming and he was not sure exactly what changes were being made but he was going to a meeting today that would advise their staff exactly what was going to change and when.....but im sure the increase will be different according to where u live b/c some areas do not have fiber optics in which my area does thats why i have 6mb dl where most people do not get over 5mb with their standard service but the post was to advise time warner was increasing speeds at no additional charge but u need tocall your local office for specs in your area.............da wrench
  3. i think its nationwide b/c they advised it would be all parent companys of brighthouse
  4. okay i called time warner / brighthouse and they confirmed the speeds will increase for regular service to 7mb dl and 1mb ul.... i forgot to ask the date this would change but its good news to me because i am already running 6mb dl but my upload is poor 30 kb 1/2 mb or less.......... so its has been confirmed
  5. Usually your isp will cap your modem at their end not yours - The brighthouse tech recently advised there was no way to regulate the signal except by changing the configuration in the modem and thats why the modem is locked. He advised the signal is split at the ped close to my residence which also supplies 7 of my neighbors and the isp does not have a straight line in which they could increase the signal. Did you read an article about this? Who did you hear this from? - their parent news company baynews 9 is advertising the speed will double at no additonal charge
  6. I heard road runner is increasing its standard package to 10MB dl 1MB UL at no additional charge to compete with fios they are soon to advertise they are doubling the speed. I think its about time b/c when I increased my speed to the premium package they just changed the settings in the modem and thats it I felt I was already paying for that service being they cannot regulate the signal to my residence only change the locked settings on the modem and was wondering if I bought my own modem could I make these changes and increase my speed being the cost of my digital package jumped from 75.00mo to 160.00mo and need the increase to host games on xbox..............Thanks, Da Wrench
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