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  1. I "suspect" there is binary monitoring taking place... The Techs previously are ADSL specialists. The "bottom line" from what they are telling me (And what I "found late last night" after posting this tread "may" be someting called "bufferbloat"?? I'm using a Draytek Vigor 2710n Modem Router, but It's a VERY complex device. Most settings are default, yet I've activated QOS (thinking it would help. Don't know I plan to contact DRaytek support for their suggestions. The engineer is Telstra VERY HIGH level IE In Australia not the Philippines (over their heads). You're right the ticket has been escalating slowly through the system since 2014. I suspect "I'm the "squeaky wheel" wher most consumer just say Frigging Telstra sux and do nothing about complaining. The tech yesterdat also mentioned this. If nobody complains then Telstra don't know of a problem
  2. Hi Telstra are having issues with your "credibility". A network engineer is trying to tell me "How do you know there aren't server problems with testmy.net" ? Speedtest.net is all they ever use!!!! There "may" be an opportunity for you here. I need to know whatever technical details etc are in place regarding server "load balancing" (If that's the term) Outside possible influences that may cause integrity issues with your monitoring. Also you may remember my "brain injury"? I cannot now remember how to avail my substantial results collection to the relevant place. Please help as Telstra are having SERIOUS problems identifying my Oh So Erratic speed and dropouts. From 13+Mbps to 200k within a few min then back to 5Mbps stable for a while then climbs again. There appears no pattern. I really need help here to Take to Telstra as all they can do is "monitor" again and again and again. The pic is today at 15 min intervals. No Detectable interference found on site. Just had another ADSL specialist here testing and witnessing the fluctuations live. https://testmy.net/stats/?&t=u&l=25&z=10&q=Michael Noone
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