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  1. Living in Aspen, CO, we don't have many ISP choices, although I may not be aware of everything available. My speeds seem to be constantly going up/down and oftentimes I cannot download uTube or other direct view (don't know what to call these), and they seem to cut in/out while viewing. I assume that is the up/down change in speeds? Comcast keeps raising pricing and I do get fed up with it all. I have their Triple Play meaning Internet, TV and phone service. Phone service also cuts in/out and they have been out to check at least a dozen times in the past several years. Nothing seems to change. CenturyLink seems to be our only other choice, and reports are that it is worse. There are several small server providers, but I don't know anything about them. I am on a fixed budget and find it quite a struggle to keep up with rising costs. Does anyone have any suggestion?
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