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  1. " Beauty is only skin deep - Ugly goes all the way to the Bone "
  2. What about NIS 2006 ? What are pit falls ? Should I dump it out the window ( pun intended ) ?
  3. Ran across an off the wall domain. Anyone familiar with " rambler.ru " ? Could it be Romanian ?? Thanks for any assistance. Jim
  4. Anyone wanting to know the name of the satellite they are using check this link. Best info I have on the birds. http://www.lyngsat.com/america.html
  5. Thanks to cholla and php. Wonderful job. We are all richer for your gracious efforts. Bless you both. Jim
  6. OK. Everybody tippy toe. No noise.
  7. The Central A/C condensing unit beside your residence is a good candidate also.
  8. cholla Thank you for that post. JFK was a great man. He was President and was killed while I was In SAC ( USAF ). That is a touching poem.
  9. YOU WON'T HEAR THIS SONG IN A PUBLIC BROADCAST: In March, 2005, this song was performed at a Diamond Rio concert. They received an immediate standing ovation, and continue to do so every time they perform it! Sadly, major radio stations wouldn't play it because it was considered politically incorrect. Consequently, the song was never released to the public. If this song speaks to your heart and you feel to share it with friends and loved ones, please do. Then, regardless of our ethnic origin, let us cease being the silent majority and join together. Not as a particular political party, but as Americans! Diamond Rio Concert
  10. 150 GB shirt pocket carry?? Wow !!!
  11. Just saw an advertisement for a Seagate HD, SATA ,750 GB, 3000Mb xfer. Price was under $600. Can a 1 TB ( 1000 GB ) be long in coming?
  12. Know what you mean. My assortment is about 22 weapons - 5 or 6 hand guns and the rest long.- 22's to 30.06's, 12ga's. and my Baby - A-Bolt Stainless Stalker w/3x9x50 Leupold VarX-III .300 Win. Mag. Sweet shooting to 500 yd. no problem. I love guns. Best hand gun I've ever owned was a TDE .44 Auto Mag. Fine shooting weapon - left or right handed. I'm ashamed that I got rid of it - but needed the money more at the time.
  13. cholla : Have you seen the .22LR Sub Sonic 65 grain rounds?? That projectile is heavier than a SS109 round( 55 gr.). (5.56mm Ball round in case you didn't recognize SS109). At real close range that 65 grain ought to be something. Cabela's has them. I'll have to stick with my S&W Sigma 9mm, 17rd, 3 hi-cap clips, mixed loads, Blue Glazers, Frangibles, Black Talons, Hi-Shoks. Shoot POST at 291/300. Hard to argue from a slab !!!
  14. That's what I was wondering. Those wings must have some hellish lift. The whole plane has to be feather lite. That's why I said "is seeing believing?"
  15. This is hard to believe - is seeing believing??? Pilot
  16. Thought this would go here. This is from Jacquie Lawson click
  17. Thank you - Thats what I wanted - opinion, tech experience, operating knowledge, etc. What I figured but didn't know. Sorry about the confusion on " passive ". Once again - Thank's.
  18. No -no connection to cell phone. Passive as in passive. Check link . Like this or others like it. antenna
  19. Yes. An external antenna for cell phone while in vehicle. But by being "passive" there is no coax between phone and antenna. I should have explained myself a little better.
  20. Are the "Passive Antenna's" for cell phones worth a dam??? Can they really help with transmitting much less reception? Or are they just a bunch of smoke and mirrors???? Any experience or tech knowledge responses greatly appreciated. Hope this is not a duplicate query !!!! Thanks in advance. Jim
  21. Happy Birthday - Tommie Many more for you.
  22. The pictures of the hiker's remains really drives home the horror of this unfortunate event. I've seen them once. IMHO - Not for the forum out of respect for the hiker's family.
  23. EWO _ Electronic Warfare Officer ( USAF B-52 ) Long time ago.( 60's )
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