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  1. I use a VPN for a game, and my issue is, if VPN disconnects I need it to kill an app or not reconnect to my actual IP and reveal my location/IP. Any idea how I can make this happen?
  2. I just got a new computer and I am having disconnecting issues that I never expierenced before with XP. I dont know if this is a Vista issue or what, but I will be playing World of Warcraft and I will get Disconnected out of now where, from the game and Ventrilo, for about 5 secs. PC Info HP - Pavilion Elite Desktop with AMD Phenom
  3. Ok, I notice that my cable internet I previosly had was smoother playing game. I just had Verizon FiOS installed and when playing my games I lag out for about 5 secs, never had this issue with Cox Cable. Any insight?
  4. When connecting to torrents, I only connect to about 25% of all peers, for both upload and download, any reason why? My speeds arent horrible, but they could be better, especially uploads. Thanks
  5. I no longer have CableNut or any settings... Want to direct me to where I can find the most current? Also which setting would you suggest for me?
  6. You can check my past speeds here... http://www.testmy.net/tools/database/db_search.php?type=user&q=risky I am running alot less than the ones in Sept... Dont know why.. All test are done using FireFox2 with no tweaks, I use COX HSI... Thanks Wheres good ol' vanBuren havent seen him in YEARS!!!
  7. This is horrible, is it possible my modem is no good?
  8. Come to find out I have to 3Mbps package
  9. Well today my internet connection has been on and off literally every 3-4 minutes. I called Verizon Cust. Support and they said everything is fine on their side.. Now what do I do, wait the 7 days they told me its going to take to come to my place and "fix" it.. My DSL light will stay solid for 3 minutes or so and keep internet connection, then lose it for about 2 minutes. Could this be a modem problem? My modem is a Westell 327w.. Thanks for anyhelp
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