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  1. Ask your ISP to give you the other half of what you agreed to pay for. Only business model that I know of that gives half to two thirds of what we pay for.
  2. I have a 3Mbps setup. I,m losing up to 50% packet loss between the SU(subscriber unit) and the AP.(access point) SU is an exterior Bullit radio and a parabolic grid antenna at 24db. Good for 10 miles LOS. AP is an omnidirect. Trees are bare, .25 miles distance with a 40 ft top. If it was trees then the issue would be constant, not intermittent It's intermittent but mostly on the neg. side. .6 to 1.7 avg Mbps. I should allow some discrepency but this seems alot. My WISP tested from AP to SU and verifyed it. Wisp had it @ full power and thought packets might be colliding so he dropped the power. seemed ok for a day and then the ping,DL and UL began to vary, again. Anyone else in the same predicament or can troubleshoot? thanks
  3. another issue is when I klik Extras, combined tests, I get express combined, same as the express option. the unblocking seemed to work for auto test. Thanks Gilbert Plains
  4. thanks. autoblock was on. about:config hopefully did the trick. Ièll(canèt use an apostrophe) see the result in the a.m.
  5. new here. My auto test isn't auto testing. cookies are on. inputed tha type and interval ot test and it does nothing after the first 1.
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