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  1. Themexp.org has some pretty nice lookin themes. Its also free
  2. Verizon Yahoo! Online Protection FireWall... It has detected around 3 virus this year and all deleted auto.
  3. That Might Be Correct depending on the Computer Administrator security/restricted setting. It's been awhile since I used WD98, but thats just my 2 cents.
  4. Your Answer Is YES http://tweakxp.com/article37004.aspx If you want to know anything else on your PC or Just want to boost it or clean or tweak it. Go to www.tweakxp.com
  5. kk, If you use it I would'nt delete it. But if you dont it's a waste of HD space CLTEST.EXE (From PowerDVD 1.3 package) Put a DVD disk in the drive, wait for the light to go off, and run this applet. It creates a file in C:CLTEST.TXT. Besides a whole lot of info regarding your hardware and drivers, at the end of the file you will find info about your DVD movie, namely: Whether the movie is copy protected (i.e. CSS scrambled) and what region limitations (if any) there are to play that movie. I have noticed that a lot of DVD's that have a region printed on the back of the case are in reality region free, or they support more than just one region. source: http://dvdsoft.hotmail.ru/cinemaster.html
  6. Is this dude for real?!?! Anyways I have an old old Microwave and a few cable modem's. I'm really having a temptation of doing this...
  7. Do you have a PowerDVD or AOL?
  8. I don't really understand what your trying to ask but if your asking if you need a router to obtain internet access to a other computer in your friend's house than Yes. Correct me if Im Wrong
  9. I called Verizon today and it looks pretty updated to me, I was asking questions about Indiana, Chicago, Ohio, all the surrounding states and they listed all the places that link says.
  10. LOL Nice Im going through sites right now but can't seem to find a good downlaod. All of them are .ISO format and I dont know how to mess with them. Can you pm me the link where you downloaded yours from? Early Thanks
  11. THATS ALL I NEEDED TO KNOW Sweet Man, Thanks for the Info. I got a few computers here laying around with no OS...Might as well give it a try.
  12. Hey, I just wanted to know if I can download Microsoft Windows Vista Beta like the full verison for free....No trail time. If I can't then is this out yet? Thanks.
  13. Has anyone of you guys found out more info about that Availability Site?
  14. OOPS. Wrong Link. This is the Test: http://www22.verizon.com/FiOSForHome/channels/FiOS/root/address_entry.asp Other one is to order.
  15. I called the Verizon Fios Number. (888) 933-3331 Also the Availability Test Thing Does'nt Work. When I tryed to see if I can order Verizon DSL and tryed it, It said It wasnt Available Where I lived, But Since Im Fat Headed I just went ahead and called and they said it was Available and 2 weeks later, I had Verizon DSL. This is what Im Talkin About: http://www22.verizon.com/FiOSForHome/channels/FiOS/root/order.asp
  16. So I've heard. I think I'm just going to stick with the 5/2 and see how it goes. If it starts to slow then I'm going for the 15/2
  17. Hey, Lafayette isnt on there. The lady I talked to when I ordered it said there is Fios Available here. Could she be wrong?
  18. Yea, I like that deal, But 30/5 seem really good considering the fact I dL moveis, Music, Games and all types of shit all the time. Its way to much $$$ tho
  19. Yea I am, Im getting the 5/2 for now, but when my brother get his computer he said we can either go for the 15/2 or MAYBE the 30/5 depending on how much he can spare.
  20. o ok cool man, Thanks. Its just hard waiting knowing that Im going to have Fios in a few..
  21. Ok, I got a question. I order Fios about 2 days ago. The lady on he phone said that someone was going to call and email me about install the fios and get a date ready for the installment. Does anyone know how long that takes? Like how many days I must wait prior to my order? Early Thanks
  22. Yea, I like dL shit non stop....I surf while I dL. I remember having NetZero and running 18kbs and downloading my old school Kazaa and trying to play my online games....That didnt work out to good..haha Do you guys know of a site that shows how to tweak Fios
  23. I know how to tweak a computer from tweakxp.com but I dont know how to tweak or do nothing like that with fios or cable that is..lol. So do you recommend going for the 15/2 or stick with the 5/2? Im going to be running two computers with it. Thanks for the Welcome.
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