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  1. Ok guys ThX i got it now its all working fine thx to mudmanc4 replay , i tryed his link and downloaded bundle of codecs and its cool now.. Thanks for youre time guys... Bye!
  2. Ok thx you for youre time i got it working , my other post on this forum here also helped me.. thx you for youre time bye
  3. i tryed that few times to klick cancel instalation new hardware and rebooted then install again, its the same problem.. an no i dont have dell cd thats why i am downloading from sites, and i am 100% positive i cdownloaded right drivers for it i checked few times ..
  4. Hello Jared.. Yes i downloaded right drivers and updated tehm from manufacturer site www.intel.com , and yes i checked meny times on that... No i havent got the cd with drivers for it (long story) thats why i am dleing them from sites... And i am sure 100% i downloaded right drivers for my sound card, and my pc found them and while instaling them the comp just shutsdown and reboot by its self , and again and again in circle i can go liek that he always found new hardwere and drivers for it when i start my comp ...so for now i am just clicking canel bye..
  5. Me again .. here you go with a bit more information.. have this strange problem...after i downloaded chipsets new and all updates for my mainboard Dell Inc.Optiplex GX280 , chipset for it i downloaded are Intelgrantsdale - G i915G/GL/GV ... anyway i am running Win XP sp2... so i downloaded drivers from www.intel.com for my Intel 82801FB ich6 - AC 97 audio controller...and i instaled em and i rebooted my comp and when entered Windows he found new hardwere and he found drivers for it too but whiule completeing isntalation my computer just reboots by its own and again when entering windows he founds new hardwere and drivers for it and STILL rebootes while instaling the drivers for it... Hope you can solve the problem. Thx bye
  6. Hello everyone... I see this is an old post so i will jsut move on in here with a little problem, and i think you can handle it... ok i reinstaled my win xp all things working except my sound card on board...i did all things here and went all fine BUT i got to one problem when i dl Intel chipset for my mainboard and i dl the AC97 audio controller, and ten when i restart my comp, he found new hardwere and he found drivers i dled ac 97 ... but while instaling when he is done with installing them my comp shut down and restarts, and when i enter win xp again he says found new hardwere and those drivers for it again and i tryed installing it again and STILL he shutsdown when completing the instalation.. dont know whats the problem i hope you will hlp me... thx bye
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